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Who Knows what day it is anymore...

Disney, tanning and more shopping!!


okkk...so yesterday was a very hectic day for us therefore we were not able to write. We spent our morning and mid-afternoon in Disney again, trying to get in as many rides as possible. We ended up going on space mountain where Kathryn may have screamed on the entire time, we also managed to go on Honey, I shrunk the Audience and some star wars ride. We also were able to go on 'its a small world' (John's choice) where bascially you sit in a boat and go in a circle really slowly and watch little machines dance around in different costumes from around the world. So, obviously we decided to spice it up a bit by adding some guest celebrities and taking pitures of some people we know including Kavita and Mike Khan...facebook will explain it all. We also did lots of shopping for gifts for family and friends, and lets just say, Amy will never need to buy clothes ever again...haha. After our disney adventure part 2, we decided it was only normal for us to then head down to the deserted pool area and lounge with some beer, music and tanning lotion. We met a few people from the USA and spent a couple hours hanging out and soaking up the rays. We also went for a dip in the freezing pool but quickly warmed up again with the blazing sun. That was basically the extent to our hectic day so you can understand why we werent able to blog...


We woke up at about 8am intending on going to Dinsey again, but decided sleep was a lot more appealing...The second part of our day started when we woke up at 1130am, lounged around for a bit and decided to take the bus to the mall for yet some more shopping. There are definitely some really smelly people in France....We had good ol' Mcdonalds for lunch and headed back to our villa where we have been reading and eating...thats about the extent of our day so far. Kathryn met a mom and dad swan and their babies and decided feed them some of their bread which some good pictures were taken, until they decided to attack her and literally chasing her around the garden trying to eat her feet. We have been getting a little home sick, and Kathryn definitely misses equal...The pop in France is really not good, and their apple juice tastes more like apple dirty socks..tomorrow were doing our last day at Disney where we'll be heading to Disney studios and then doing nothing yet again. Friday, were packing, then doing all of nothing, and we leave sat...see you all soon!!!!

Lots of Love,

John and Kat

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Day 7

Our first day in Disney

sunny 49 °C

so we were able to get up early (for the first time during this whole trip) to catch a shuttle to the Disney Parks bright and early at 10am. As we arrived and waited in a large lineup to get into the parks, we realized that the vouchers that we bought from Expedia were actually for tomorrow we (as in John) decided that we were going to pay anyway and go (as Kathryn started to cry). Disney was exactly as expected, long lines, lots of stuff to buy, and men who very badly need to trim their nose hairs. We ended up going on the tea cups, thunder mountain and the phantom manor (where Kathryn also cried). While waiting in an hour line to ride on Thunder Mountain we met Puff Daddy aka a man who butt in front of us with a large afro and his friend mr. nose hair. Despite their attempts to butt, we managed to get on long before them...suckerssss

After that was done, we looked in their 500000 shops and found many many items that will later be bought for Amy aka ButtButt and a few other things for less-cute family members. We only spent a few hours there and were able to get back to the villa in time to lounge by the pool and read for an hour or so...its a tough life...**pause for drink of beer* We are now going to hit the sauna/pool/hot tub for a while and then head back to our lavish villa for a night cap and some rest.

We also managed to make friends with 2 hairy one's that acutally ate some dinner with us. Their are a little shy but warm up after a while. Two small cats have found their way into our patio and have made camp there. We have named them Mike and Stacey. Stacey is cute, but Mike seems to have some issues with poo sticking to his bum..therefore appropriately named :)

Kathryn has also made friends with lots of ducks including 4 really cute baby ones. She feeds them everyday for (thats right for the past 2 days) with John's breakfast. **beer break**

We hope that everyone is doing well cause we definitely are :) :) we are getting a mean tan so far and the weather has been uber hot..is it snowing?? we hope so...

Tomorrow we will be hitting up Disney again and tanning again...were not sure how were going to fit it all in...but were definitely going to try.

Love you all lots,

John and Kathryn

ps. Kathryn took a 5 year bath last night in the deepest tub ever.......yessss........enjoy your small tubs everyone

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Kathryn's Birthday Dinner and Day 6

Ballin in Disney


So to follow up on the previous blog... We had our diner cruise on the Seine last night for Kathryn's birthday and it was an amazing night. We had a superb three course meal and the view of some of Paris' sites was truly breath-taking. At the end of the cruise we docked by the Eiffel Tower and this time it actually was sparkling!!!!

After trying to hail a taxi for 20 minutes, because someone stole our first one, we made it back to the Hotel room and started packing since we were checking out this morning to start the second leg of our vacation in EuroDisney. When packing we realized that we have a lot of shizzanay, Kathryn's shoe collection has increased by 4 pairs and we aren't even half done!!!!!

Since there was more we wanted to do in downtown Paris, John set his alarm clock for 10:00am.... that didn't work. Kathryn woke up at 11:30, smacked John in the face with her ELBOW, and said "next time if you set the alarm correctly maybe I won't give you a black eye!!!!", no really she said "we have to check out in 15 minutes", believe it or not we finished packing, and made it down in time to catch the taxi to our Villa by Disney.

speaking of the taxi ride, man was that costly, but damn it was a nice car. So we got to the resort around 1:00 in the afternoon, good thing check in isn't until 4:00!!!! So we were forced to lie by the pool and suntan for 2 hours, then we were notified that our room was ready. It is a tough life we are living. When we got to our VILLA (I type in caps because it is HUGE), we walked into the front door and saw the first of three bathrooms. Our villa has, a full kitchen with a breakfast bar, a dining room and living room, washer and dryer, a walkout patio with some patio furniture and a beautfiul view of the secret garden. Upstars, we have 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, 1 jacuzzi tub. The master bedroom has a king bed and the second bedroom has 2 singles that can be pushed together if John snores too loud.

The lobby in the reception area has free internet so you can expect frequent blog updates for the rest of the trip. We are going to have an early night, as tomorrow we are going to see Mickey and Minnie and all of their friends for our first of three days at EuroDisney.

We are going to be posting some pics on facebook for those of you that are priviliged enough to be our friends. For those that aren't, we will show you the pics when we get back next weekend.

Lots of love,
John and Kathryn

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Days 3 and 4

Holy Crap...Big News!!!!


Well yesterday John and I spent the day shopping near the Arc de Triumph, were Kathryn found heaven on earth, no not Disney Land, but Sephora, where she bought a hair straightner that also acts as a blow dryer....best thing EVER. John bought two dress shirts and a tie, and Kathryn bought some some shirts. We also had to do a stop over at the outside cafe mid-shop for a glass of wine/beer. We were so tired from the shopping that we barely made it to the dinner that we had booked. However, we did get there, and had a fab meal, John, moaning throughout from its greatness, and Kathryn exteriencing Creme Brule France style was definitely memorable. As it was friday, the Effiel Tower sparkles every so often as opposed to it regular light show. We were both able to catch it for a brief second before it went back to normal. We rushed up to our room to see it again, but no luck. As it was only 45 min to Kathryn's 25th b-day, John stated that he would give her her birthday present a bit early, but that he had to write the in the card still. So he went outside to write in the card and to keep his eye on the Effiel Tower to see if it started to sparkle again. A few minutes later he yelled "it's sparkling" and Kathryn ran out to look at it and found John on one knee holding a ring....im pretty sure my first words were 'are you kidding me' however I was able to blurt out yes. So I guess this is our offically annoucement via blog, and John and I are engaged!! After that, we went out for a drink as both of our nerves were shot, and called a few people (sorry if you didnt get a call, long distance charges are atrocious).

This morning, we woke up to Kathryn being old...today is my 25th birthday. We're going to spend the day shopping at some vintage clothing shops and have a cruise dinner. Tomorrow we're off to EuroDisney for another 5 days.

I guess that's it for now!

See everyone soon,

Love John and Kathryn

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Our First 2 days

this blog is dedicated to Napoleon (like everything else in Paris)


Ok, so we only have about 20 min to write so this is going to be a fast one....

Day 1:

We arrived, with numb butts and pretty jet lagged to our hotel. Its a pretty small room but very clean and the people who work here are super friendly. The awesome thing about our hotel has to be the balcony, or more specific, the wikid view. Our room faces the eiffel tower, and the amazing streets and old buildings around it. For the first day, we basically spent our time roaming around the streets and checking out the different sites close to our hotel. We found a suprt market with lots of yummy food and cheap-ass wine and beer, were talking like 4 euro for a bottle. John ran into all of these fancy european beer so he's basically in heaven. We also had a 5 hour nap and went out to a lovely resturant for dinner and went to bed.

Day 2:

Today was pretty amazing. We went on the hop-on and hop-off bus (that was hard to catch as when we walked to one side of the effiel tower it would show up at the other end...it was like pokeroo) and saw all of these amazing sites. We saw the effiel tower up close, the Notre Dame, Art de Triumph, the Louve and champs du mars and a few other things. On our first stop of the day (champs du mars) we found a man having a seziure, a couple of runners and Kathryn helped him stay on his side as the ambulance came to get him. On the way to the Effiel Tower, we got our first exposure to the gypies who 1. found our ring 2. wanted us to buy mini effiel towers and 3. wanted us to sign a petition for the low price of 10 euro. The Louvre was absoultely amazing!! We got a lot of pictures and were able to see the mona lisa and a lot of other very famous paintings. Perhaps the most famous aspect of the Louvre was when Kathryn went to take a picture of the pyramid and took off her jacket to get better movement and introduced the louvre and all the tourists around her, to her boobs...she was wearing a tube top that fell down without her noticing as her jacket was on the whole morning. At the Notre Dame, we took some great pictures of the stained glass window and Kathryn was able to light a candle for her deceased family members (nona will be proud). While on the bus, we were able to wear headsets that told us about the history of Paris. We have learned that Napoleon must have a huge head to allow for his ego to fit in it. Every monument, statue and building was a tribute to something he did and how great he was. As such, this blog is sincerely dedicated to his greatness.

Since we were on the bus tour all day, we only had time for some croissants in the morning (yum) and John had 4 bottles of sunny D, and we were off, and didnt eat until we were done the tour which was about 530pm. We stopped and had a 3 cheese pizza (also dedicated to Napoleon) which was fantastic, it may have been a combonation on not eating for 400 years, or the greatness of the pizza but we finished it in about 2 seconds. Tonight we're thinking about going to a bar for a couple of drinks, and tomorrow we're going to finish off the hop-on tour to see whatelse the great Napoleon had built. We also found a LOT of great shopping spots so were going to hit that as well. Oh, we also were able to see the hotel that Princess Diana stayed at, and the one she left just before she was killed, we also drove her the tunnel where her car crash happened. As tomorrow is the eve of Kathryn's birth, we will be celebrating by having a 3 course dinner at one of thr nicer resturants around (pre-paid from expedia). Other than that we are having an amazing time, we are so tired at night that John has yet to keep Kathryn up with his snoring and he doesnt seem to mind the fact that she steals all the sheets. We picked up a few souveniers already and cant wait to spend more money...they best thing is, is that their getting paid to be here.

Because its a million dollars an hour to use the internet, were not going to blog for another couple of days...

Lots of Love,

John and Kathryn

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