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We have arrived!!!!!!

at the airport ;-)

overcast 12 °C

So we just made it through the security check and they were not impressed with the GUN SHOW and have taken away my arms, honestly, I am typing with my nose.

After security we stumbled upon a little known shop called Duty Free. Let me tell you something, this "Duty Free" place had some bargoons. They bargains were so good that we decided to buy Vera Wang perfume and a box of cigars. After such purchaces were made, we decided to celebrate by drinking some beer/wine and grab a bite to eat. So far, we have not killed each other so we're off to a good start (although, since john has no arms, Kathryn has the upper hand).

In case of those very worried about Kathryn's essay, yes she did in fact finish it, though the quality may have beem compromised...

We will be boarding in about an hour, and will begin the greatest 7 hours of our lives....yay to sleeping while in the air!! We definitely brought a lot to keep us busy like Kat's new DS that john bought her :) :) and good ol' sleeping pills.

And MJ, since you have made us aware that you're reading these blogs, dont worry we only did it a few times since we've arrived (and mom Connors, of course I dont do it....ever)

That being said, we are off to sit around for an hour. We are going to try to blog as much as possible to stay posted for our next exciting posting....and no Graham, John has yet to remember what he forgot

Lots of Love (and doing it),

John and Kathryn

ps. Jerry--hope your truck made it home ok and that your not still stuck in the airport
pps. sex
ppss. Rita, this is not me (Kathryn) writing these aweful words...

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We're offically booked!

What our trip entails...

sunny 30 °C

John and Kathryn will be heading off to Paris on May 26th at 9pm. We'll be landing in Paris at about 10am. We will be spending 5 days in Paris at the Splendid Hotel, and the other 5 days in EuroDisney in a fab. villa. So far we have lots planned like a hop-on-and-off tour for two days, a cruise (on my birthday!) of Paris and a yummy dinner. We also have a 3 day pass to Dinseyland in Europe.

Yes, we totally stole this idea from Liz and Julia and have no problems with that!! haha

Were are starting to pack everything, and Kathryn is working hard to finish a 25 page law essay :( Let's hope she's able to finish it all before the trip.

We are super excited for this trip :) stay posted as in a few days our mini-adventure will begin!!

Lots of love,

John and Kathryn

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